Permit Zach Urban to serve us on City Council

Zach Urban is our City Council Member


Zach is present and accountable for his service to our community

Zach has the strongest attendance and voting record of any current City Council member, to verify this check out his laundry list of (Z)actions on City Council.


From start to finish, Zach has a strong history of volunteering in District 2, and within the broader community as well, including service on the Lutheran Medical Center Foundation board, the Jefferson County Housing Authority, The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, the Girls Scouts of America, Operation Care Package and Saints Peter and Paul Parish among others. 

21270881_1552231811511311_1412161345760122627_n.jpgZach has the deepest roots in District 2 of any candidate. Zach obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in the basement of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church at 45th and Wadsworth, more than 20 years ago. After renting a home at 45th and Newland St. for several years, Zach and his wife Melinda purchased their home at 47th and Reed St. more than 10 years ago.  Zach has maintained an office at 48th and Wadsworth for the past 6 years.  

Zach is solution oriented and practical in his actions

Zach isn't afraid to ask tough questions, hear tough answers and make tough decisions. 

Zach was the first elected official from the City of Wheat Ridge after the May 8th. 2017 hailstorm to follow-up on a declaration of disaster by State and Federal Agencies.

Zach was the first council member to offer practical solutions to solve the permit delays after the storm, including additional resources for the building department and suggestions to make changes to streamline the process to adapt to new technology, while being cost efficient. 

Zach has our full attention and our best interests in mind

Even though our City Council members are not full-time employees of the City of Wheat Ridge, Zachary Urban has our full-time attention. In the City of Wheat Ridge, we ask our City Council Members to serve us in part-time capacity. Each City Council Member does get a mailbox at City Hall. They do not have an office at City Hall, they do share one staff member between the 9 members of City Council and the Mayor. We do pay our City Council Members a salary of $600 month. 

Zach's Office at Wheat Ridge City Hall

Zach Urban is a full-time husband and father, while serving as a City Council Member for the City of Wheat Ridge. Zachary Urban's attendance and voting record on City Council speaks for itself when you think about how hard he works for us. While he is technically part-time, he has given us a full-time effort as our City Council Member.

When not engaged with these responsibilities you can find him working as a Subject Matter Expert in the area of Housing Counseling. This means he has provided guidance and consultation to a variety of local, state, and national entities related to Foreclosure Prevention, First Time Homebuyer programs, Reverse Mortgages, and Landlord/Tenant issues. 

Mr. Urban has previously served the State of Colorado as a Governor Appointed, Colorado Senate Confirmed, Board Member of the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers, a member of the Colorado Mortgage Broker Rulemaking Task Force, Member of the Colorado Attorney General's Foreclosure Prevention Task Force, Former Director of Operations for the Colorado Division of Real Estate and as the former Administrator of the Colorado Foreclosure Prevention Hotline, among other previous leadership roles.